3 Landing Page Mistakes That Kill Your Conversions

There are thousands of factors that could impact your landing page conversions, but there are a few critical mistakes that I see companies make over and over again...

In the video below, you'll discover 3 mistakes you NEED to avoid if you want your landing pages to convert.I'll also show you HOW to avoid them, so you can focus on growing your business instead of patching-up conversion leaks.

1. Ignoring the visitors' mindset

Your visitors' mindset needs to be addressed throughout the whole landing page...

Your copy, your images, your offer...

Every element you have on your landing page needs to take into consideration what the visitor ultimately wants to achieve.

You also need to think deeper: WHY are your visitors on your landing page? HOW did they get there? and what were the traffic sources and the context of those sources (Facebook ads? Adwords? News site?).Also keep in mind the physical context of your visitors - someone who got to your landing page using their mobile phone while commuting will have a different goal than someone who's at the office browsing on their desktop.

Now the question becomes... how can you do this? The first step is to remove everything that's not necessary to the context.

For example, a mobile landing page should not have as much text as a landing page that's viewed on desktop. On mobile, distractions are more frequent, and attention span is shorter, so only keep the essential.

As I said in an article about responsive web design that was published on ConversionXL...“These days most are aware they need a mobile responsive website, but what few are aware of is that ‘responsive’ is not always the ideal solution. When our website simply resizes based on our screen size, sure, a website becomes more usable, but we’re not taking in consideration the possible changes in context and environment."In other words, since a mobile visitor is behaving and thinking differently than a desktop visitor, the way you present your content, the images, the design and the copy of your landing page needs to be different to adapt to the context.

2. Having many different calls to action on one landing page

What's the goal of your landing page?To get visitors to schedule a demo?To get people into a free trial?To promote a lead magnet people can download so you can add them into your drip email campaign?No matter what your ultimate goal is, pick 1, and 1 only.

Too often I'll see a landing page promoting everything at once; and the problem with this is that it simply lacks focus.Too many options = analysis paralysis (aka - a great way to kill conversions)In addition, when you try to promote 3 things at once, it becomes impossible to promote each of them properly... you're dividing the visitors' attention instead of focusing on getting them to take one, single important action.The solution?If you have different actions you'd like to promote, create a landing page for each.I'm not saying there are no exceptions, but it's rare that it's necessary to include everything on one page. Stay focused with dedicated landing pages for each of your campaigns in order to stay on the safe side.

3. Focusing on features instead of benefits

The truth is harsh... but it's the truth:People don't care about you, your software, or its features... they care about how you can solve their problems.

Yet, when it comes to landing pages for a SaaS, it's way too common to see lists of features next to descriptions in the company's own jargon."Our disruptive proprietary technology platform empowers the powers of gamification to unify your channels of brand lurkers" - Sounds familiar?

Avoid unclear descriptions that only you can understand, and most importantly, don't talk about what your software is capable of doing, talk about how your software can solve your customer's problems.Name the benefits, not the features. Get rid of the "we-we" copy, and instead, focus on your audience.

FYI - If you are unsure whether you should code your landing pages from scratch, or use a landing page builder, read my agency's comparison on Custom Coded Landing Pages vs Unbounce vs Instapage.

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