I help ecommerce brands scale.

CEO of an ecommerce conversion optimization agency called SplitBase, host of the Minds of Ecommerce Podcast. I optimize.

Meet, me.

When I was 11 years old, I started my first company...

I was a magician for hire. Weekend after weekend, I'd get my mom to drive me to birthday shows I'd get hired to perform around the city. I was barely older than the kids I was hired to entertain. I hung my top hat (kidding, I didn't have one) after nearly 400 shows when I got to high school.

After those shows, one skill that was obvious that I had acquired was the skill of optimization. I had reduced the set up time for the shows from 1h to 15mins, had a pipeline of leads filling up by itself through a referral program I created, and had a process for sales calls, follow ups, and delivery of the shows.

It was only natural that in parallel, I had already started working on a few tech startups: an ecommerce store for magicians, a platform to shop sales from the world's best boutiques, and a marketplace to connect marketing consultant with brands.

I was 16 when renown author and investor Ben Yoskovitz said I had one of the best startup pitches he's ever seen...

And just a year older when Kevin O'Leary of Dragons' Den named me one of Canada's 10 future dragons (Canadian version of Shark Tank).

And you know, all of this is quite hilarious because literally all of these companies I worked on completely failed. But they did become incredible learning experiences.

A few years later with the help of a mentor, Dan Martell, I got into bitcoin, was invited to give talks on the topic in NYC, Vegas and even Beirut... but bitcoin wasn't really my thing, got bored, and left the industry.

What I didn't tell you is that during all those years, I was also freelancing in digital marketing, and obsessed with conversion optimization. In 2012 I published my first piece about ecommerce checkout optimization, for KissMetrics.

Fast-forward many years later, I wanted to be able to create more impact with CRO than just one person could, so I founded SplitBase, an ecommerce optimization and growth agency.

I also run the Minds of Ecommerce podcast, where I interview founders and executives of highly-successful 7, 8 & 9 figure brands on their top growth strategies.

To this day, SplitBase helped famous brands like Kiehl's increase revenues by $1.6M, its parent company L'Oréal build large-scale experimentation programs, and many direct-to-consumer brands like DIFF Eyewear, and Dr Squatch increase conversions by double digits.

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